Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2NE1’s Hairstyle Generates Interest

Recently, girl group 2NE1 released their music video for “Try To Follow Me.” A month ago, it was revealed to be a CF song for the new Corby F phone, which the girls endorse. But it came as a surprise when YG Entertainment released the music video roughly a month after the song was released.

2NE1 has always been known to be a group that emphasizes the individual style of its members. Not surprisingly, this music video also showcased the members’ own, unique individuality, with the different splashes of color in the music video.

The music video showed all the members with their own, unique hairstyle. But none more unique than member Sandara Park’s bangs.

Since her debut with Lollipop, another CF song, Sandara Park has always had the most unique and crazy hairstyle that captures the public’s attention. Her strong personality coupled with her own style, color, and good looks have made several headlines already.

The operating director for fashion website, 0809 (, Yi Jong Mun, has this to say about Dara’s fashion style, “Sandara Park has a very nice head, which its round shape, any hair style would fit her. Even palm tree hair.”

“For this hairstyle, it showed her forehead and showed that her hairline is versatile, with the type of rolled-up bangs that she showed. I’m actually impressed that she managed to look beautiful with the unique hairstyle that she had. If it had been another girl, it would have looked very silly. It seems that only Sandara Park can pull it off like she did,” he continued. (OMG. Fan boy alert. Fanboying much, Mr. Director?! dry.gif – Belle)

Other members also revealed their personalities in the music video.

With a tie at the back of her head, Park Bom showed a hairstyle with the ends of her hair drawn to the front, giving off a feel of bangs.

Minzy showed her short bob, and with its intense color, it showed a very sharp image.

And with the side of her face decorated with shiny sequins, leader CL looked really mysterious. (I thought we were talking bout hairstyles?! Not “face” styles? Maybe the Lady Gaga-ish wig thingie didn’t count as a hairstyle? What do you think? No matter though, CL looked like the bomb with the sequins on the side of her face! Love it! - B )

“2NE1 always have a unique style that generates interest and creates issues. (I don’t think he means “issues” in a bad way.-B ),
the Director continued to say, “Their style always screams out, ‘We’re 2NE1′ and that makes a lot of fans and people take notice and give good expectations for their activities.”

Source: BNT News
Translations Credit: knucklepink@YGL
(Please do not remove any credits when taking out news from theksource.)


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Fashions are every where and hairstyle fashion is prominent among them even in music bands. All the girls with four short hairstyles posted in your blog are smart and sporty to take music and hairstyles simultaneously for the Hairstyles 2010 Trends. Thanks for the nice blog.

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