Sunday, March 28, 2010

4minute are your 2010 MetaFriends!

Through released pictures, it has been known that 4minute became the new model for ice-cream brand, Metacone. And we know 4minute girls love icecreams right ?

It could only have been a regular endorsement with several advertisting pictures and eventually a CF, but Metacone scheduled several special events and prepared exclusive 4minute material !

Last year, girl group Kara who endorsed Metacone back then was involved in MTV Kara’s Metafriends : a show in which the girls dated several people and picked out their best friend. The show was indeed a success judging by the audience ratings for a cable channel. 4minute is likely to do the same this year !

It was also revealed that 4minute will hold a special mini concert and an online signing event, sponsored by the brand. Funny videos and online games will be released on the Metacone official homepage and lucky fans may even get a personal gift from the girls !

This is just the beginning as way more surprises and events will be revealed in the upcoming times. The endorsing, with the changing of Metacone’s official homepage, will begin in the middle of April.

Source: Only4You fancafe, Metacone
Credits: Meeli
(Please do not remove any credits when taking out news from theksource.)


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