Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jae-beom Speaks Out on 2PM on Youtube

Former 2PM leader Jae-beom (a.k.a. Jay Park) has spoken out publicly for the first time since he was kicked out of the group. He has opened a personal channel on Youtube on February 24th and posted a video on March 15th. In the video he asked his fans not to hate 2PM, because they’re good kids. He added that he still loves them all and they’re like friends from his hometown. He also showed off his well-toned body and thanked all the fans, friends, and family members for caring for him. He appeared upbeat and healthy on the video.

Upon seeing the video and some of the clips showing him singing, his fans speculated that Jay may be thinking about resuming his singing career. Some thought that he may be going solo, since no team would take on the burden of including a controversial member and perhaps hurting the team chemistry. Jay has been seen taking part in a b-boy competition and going about his life in Seattle as usual, which has relieved some of his fans who thought that he may be despondent over contract cancellation in February.

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Take a Look  at the Video:

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