Sunday, March 21, 2010

Jaebum's video is a big hit even in America!

The video made my ex-2PM member Jaebum (Park Jaebum, 23) has been a big hit even in America.

On America's DMW Media, vice-president Shermen wrote on his column about 'The social media story of Park Jaebum'. He wrote, '(Jaebum's) marketing power is not being recognized at all', 'In 2 days, the video on Youtube received over 2 million views, and the song he covered, 'Nothing on You' has reached number 1 on the Cyworld music charts, and number 2 on iTunes.'

Vice-president Shermen continued, "I can see his videos on Youtube as a new start for him," "If there was one anyone from Asia who could breakthrough the American music scene, it's Park Jaebum". On his column, he thoroughly explained the story of Jaebum's departure as well as the aftermath story, and revealed his continuous interest in Jaebum.

[Omitted information about his Youtube video]

Source: Chosun
Trans Credits: jennying♥@2ONEDAY.COM
(Please do not remove any credits when taking out news from theksource.)


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