Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jo Kwon, "I Want To Take A Wedding Photo With Gain"

On March 17th, MBC's "Music Travel LaLaLa" aired a spring special episode called 'Boys and Girls Meet Spring,' where 2AM was invited.

2AM performed a special stage where they remixed "Even If I die, I can't send you away" into an accoustic version.

Then they sang Alicia Keys's 'If I ain't got you' with a female singer named Ali, and each one of them showed off their unique voice colors, yet presented the perfect harmony.

On this day, Jo Kwon was asked, "When you think of spring, what comes to your mind first?," and he answered "A wedding."

He showed his envy by stating that "When you walk around in the spring time, you see many wedding photo shoot sessions," and he revealed his hope that he would like to take a wedding photo before spring goes away.

On this episode, many musicians from diffrent genres like 2AM, Ali, Lucid Pole, YoJo, YunhaJane, MiZi, The One, and the indie band called 10 cm appeared and presented their own unique spring stages.

Source: TV Report
Credits: EyesOnFire11@2ONEDAY.COM (TRANS)
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