Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kwon, When Asked If He's Actually Dating Ga-in

Currently, Jo Kwon and Ga-in are the best couple on MBC's 'We Got Married'. If their air time is shorter than other couples, the discussion board becomes flooded with complaints. They received an explosive amount of love, enough to get first place on KBS 2TV's 'Music Bank' for their song 'We Fell In Love'. They also touched many people by donating 50 million won (approx. $50000) from the profits of the song to help out for Haiti's tragic earthquake. It wouldn't be surprising if they were a real couple because of the sweet atmosphere in 'WGM' and their actions outside of the broadcast as well.

Recently, in a location with reporters, when Jo Kwon was asked "Are you two actually dating?" he answered with a short "Yes". When asked a second time, he answered "No". Jo Kwon laughed while saying "They don't believe us if we say we're dating and they don't believe us if we say we're not". He continued saying "The more confused people get, the better it is" showing that he's enjoying the current situation. He also openly boasted saying "People don't know Ga-in's real charms".

2AM's Seulong, Jinwoon, and Changmin said "We're jealous that they're idols that can express the feeling of love" and "Jo Kwon's image that he shows on the broadcast is 100%".

'WGM2' which wasn't doing very well for awhile, received many remarks that the entrance of idol singers Jo Kwon and Ga-in was irrational at first. It was not that idol singers like Taeyeon and Kangin had not appeared before, but it was impossible for the virtual marriage of idol singers in their early 20's
to not be a burden.

'WGM' participants have tried to emphasize at least in the broadcast the roles as a married couple. It is difficult for 'WGM' participants to show their natural image in front of the camera unless they have feelings for each other. It is also true that most participants don't even contact each other, as they have stated 'We're a married couple on the broadcast, but in reality, our relationship is just for business'.

Compared to these couples, Jo Kwon and Ga-in aren't hiding their roles as a 'WGM' couple outside of the program. They seem to be just enjoying it fully without avoiding the virtual yet real concept of 'WGM'.

It looks like Jo Kwon and Gain's popularity will continue for awhile. The important thing is, like Jo Kwon's "Are we dating for real?", is that they maintain their will for their 'Half joke, half truth' feelings and actions.

Source: Yahoo! Korea
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