Thursday, March 11, 2010

Surrounded by enemies, is 2PM sinking?

'The only thing left for traitors are to go down now.'

With their misbehavior, 2PM has turned their fans into anti's which has put their sinking popularity on a downward path.

On the private conference held last month on the 27th, 2PM attempted to clarify their situation with Jaebum's withdrawal. The conference has only turned their fans into anti's and they are receiving much hate for the ordeal, earning the nicknames 'Traitor Idols' and '6PM.'

The advertising market is a measure of popularity. In just one morning, 2PM has become the least wanted model. Recently, a coffee company has revealed that their contract with 2PM has ended and that they are not willing to recontract. This is evidence that advertising companies are now avoiding using 2PM. It is an obvious situation where the other products that 2PM is endorsing will be influenced by. 2PM is currently in a variety of CF's such as drinks and clothes. However, with the fans' public sentiment, adverising companies are keeping an eye open because they have no use for a model that is now branded as traitors when they were once sexy beastly idols. It has come to a situation where 2PM will have to pay a penalty fee to those companies for the image losses.

The boycott of the fans are even affecting variety programs. Angry fans are shaking up the viewer ratings of the shows that 2PM is starring in. A representative case is Taecyeon's weekend variety program, SBS's 'Family Outing 2.' Having received a record 15.6% in its first episode, the ratings have now fallen to 10.9% after Jaebum's withdrawal was confirmed, showing an even greater chance for higher losses. Taecyeon has even received criticisms for posting on his fanclub saying, "It's a new start."

Why exactly have the sincere fans turned away in merely one morning? It is the lies. While promoting 'Heartbeat,' Park Jinyoung and the 2PM members emphasized Jaebum's return whenever they could. They even stated his name several times on performance stages or in award speeches. However, now that they're put in a situation where Jaebum must really return, they have changed their stance within a day to that of a complete withdrawal. The angry fans have put white chrsyanthemums symboling death in front of the company building while burning 2PM's albums.

Currently, 2PM's album is set to release in April, clearly meaning that they plan to face their angry fans head on with their music. However, the interior and exterior of their situation looks grave. In April, sexy diva Lee Hyori and world star Bi are set to return. Will 2PM be able to survive a competition amidst top singers without even the support of their fans?

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Jamie said...

i don't know if i really will support them all the way now.
I'm rather confused.
As in, it's no longer the original 2pm anymore.
it's wothout jaebum.
it'a a disappointment to me too when jype and 2pm annouce that jae bum is not coming back.
i don't know how to react now...

Anonymous said...

well, as I am NO GOD, i think it is unfair to punish 2PM for Jay's withdrawal. They are just the victim of the current situation. Maybe Jay has a better plan for himself and we should be consent and encourage instead of being OVER FANATIC over the whole situation. Come on, those guys are just humans. It's not that Jay died or something. Even Jay wish his ex-members the best of luck. Who are we to say more,right?

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