Tuesday, March 23, 2010

T-ara : 'We Want to Make New History of Girl Groups'

Famous six-member girl group T-ara is posing in a press conference with Japanese group Cho Shin Sung (supernova), a group of six "pretty boys," in front of a building in Roppongi, Tokyo on March 17. The photo advertises the fact that their project group, TTL, has shot a commercial promoting Gusto Restaurant, a popular subsidiary to the Skylark family restaurant chain.

Famous six-member girl group T-ara, who already announced their debut in Japan, delivered their thoughts on their Japanese debut and their future plans.

T-ara met Korean news reporters in Roppongi, Tokyo on March 17 and said, “No Korean girl group has been ranked on the Japanese Oricon single chart so far, but we want to make a new history of Korean girl groups in Japan.”

The leader of the group, Eun Jung, expressed her feelings, “Our debut in Japan sounds grandiose, I am very excited, but nervous.” Another member, So Yeon, said, “I heard that it will be very difficult for Korean girl groups to survive and succeed in Japan, but we want many Japanese fans to love us.”

Asked about their experience in Japan, Hyo Min answered, “When I was a sophomore in high school, I got a debut offer from a Japanese agency, Avex, and had an audition for two weeks in Japan, but I had to give up due to my school studies.” Eun Jung also shared her experience, “Before I made a debut as a singer, when I was in the third year of junior high school, I appeared in the joint Korea-Japan movie ‘Docchigogo’ after a debut offer from Sony. The movie was about playing dodgeball.”

Asked about T-ara’s image, the group members explained, “T-ara is cute rather than sexy. We are a friendly idol group, like friends rather than mysterious strangers.”

They added, “A famous composer, Face 2 Fake, has jointly worked on the Japanese version (JP) of our title song ‘TTL (Time To Love),’ which will be used as the background music for a Japanese TV commercial. Along with our debut in Japan by releasing our album, we will also hold a concert this upcoming May.”

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