Sunday, March 14, 2010

'WGM' JoKwon-Gain show off their teamwork in a bowling competition

On MBC, 'We Got Married', virtual couple JoKwon and Gain are going to show their teamwork in a bowling game. According to MBC on the 13th, the episode that will air today (KST) will show JoKwon-Gain having the after-party of the housewarming.

The male ballad group 2AM and girl group Brown Eyed Girls' members all split into teams of: Seulong and Miryo, Changmin and Narsha, Jinwoon and Jea, and put up a very heated competition.

MBC representatives said, "JoKwon-Gain couple, who never bowled once in their life, focused almost as much as the Olympic athletes, and caused admiration from the watchers by showing their perfect teamwork as a couple."

 Source: StarNews
Translations Credit: JinaStar@2ONEDAY.COM
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