Sunday, April 25, 2010

Girls Generation's Tiffany Dislikes Nickname 'Secretary Hwang'

Comedian Kim Shin Young disclosed an episode when Tiffany from the music group Girls Generation was nicknamed “Secretary Hwang,” and Tiffany’s face was flushed with shame. On the KBS 2TV talk show "Win Win" aired on April 20, Girls Generation appeared as guests and Kim Shin Young revealed that there had been an episode that happened due to Tiffany’s English pronunciation. Tiffany, who has come from the USA, was embarrassed by her utterance.

When Kim Shin Young visited the accommodations of Girls Generations, Tiffany said, “Wow, Avatar is broadcasting.” But, Kim Shin Young could not understand what she said at the time because of her American pronunciation, and only later realized that she had said the movie title “Avatar.” 
Kim Shin Young continued to disclose the episode where Tiffany had obtained the nickname “Secretary Hwang” due to her pronunciation of “Avatar,” and other members of Girls Generation all exploded in laughter. Kim said, “At that time, I knew that a TV channel had been reserved to watch in advance and I automatically thought the reserved program might be the movie 'Avatar,' but I found out an erotic movie called 'Female Secretary' was reserved instead.” As Kim Shin Young spoke out about this episode, there was an uproar of laughter in the studio, but Tiffany’s head was bowed in shame.
Kim Shin Young explained, “Tiffany told me that she was going to watch ‘Avatar,’ but actually she was planning to watch ‘Female Secretary,’ so she became ‘Secretary Hwang’ since that time. I exactly remember that the reserved time was 11:30 pm.” In her defense, Tiffany made an excuse with her face blushing with embarrassment, “I did not mean to reserve that movie. While we were talking, I just pushed buttons without noticing that I made a reservation for the movie. When Kim Shin Young was about to leave, suddenly the message popped up saying, ‘Female Secretary is reserved for watching at 11:30 pm.’” Tiffany pleaded innocence. The nickname “Secretary Hwang” is a combined phrase created by putting her Korean last name from “Hwang Mi Young” and the movie “Female Secretary” together.
On the program, members of Girls Generation, which currently ranks atop all girl groups, had an honest conversation with the MC by sharing their future dreams as both a girl group and individual members. In addition, singer Ok Ju Hyun came on the program as a “secret guest.” As a senior singer who also debuted in a first-generation girl group, she provided sincere advice to Girls Generation, and all members of Girls Generation were truly touched by her words. 
Writer: Contributing Reporter Kim In Hwa

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