Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kim Hee-seon advertising for fake make-up brand "not true"

Korean actress Kim Hee-seon [Asia Economic Daily]

A report claiming that Korean actress Kim Hee-seon has shot an advertisement for a fake cosmetics brand in China has been found to be "not true."

A media outlet had reported earlier on Monday that the actress shot an ad for China's VOV, a cosmetics brand which they stated had allegedly pirated the trademark for Korea's VOV.

VOV is considered one of the popular Korean cosmetics brand specializing in make-up, body and hair products.

"Kim is the model for one of the top three cosmetics brand in China called 'LANCHEN' which has no relations to the VOV in China," an official at the actress' agency explained.

A representative from Korea VOV also confirmed that Kim is not a spokesmodel for VOV, but for LANCHEN.

The actress had signed with LANCHEN last year and recently finished shooting a commercial promoting the brand.

Kim, 33, made her debut in 1993 appearing in over a dozen Korean television series and films. She is considered one of the most popular actresses in the country and last starred in the SBS' 2006 TV series "Smile Again" before she married in 2007.

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Editor : Lucia Hong luciahong@asiae

Source: Asiae
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