Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kim Je Dong to Hold ‘Talk Concert’ in USA

Entertainment Kim Je Dong will hold talk concerts for Korean residents living in Los Angeles and Seattle on April 28 and April 30, respectively. His agency Daeum Entertainment delivered the news on April 26.

During the concerts in the USA, his close friend and singer Yoon Do Hyun will attend as a special guest, and Korean resident Alex Cho (Cho Sung Gak), who has recently become famous by running a large-scale Dokdo advertisement, is planning to attend the concert in Los Angeles as a talk show guest.

Kim Je Dong has given talk concerts in thirteen different cities in Korea starting last December in Seoul, and the tickets for those talk concerts were all sold out. Meanwhile, Kim Je Dong also provided a special lecture for students at Harvard Law School on April 23. The special lecture was organized by a person involved with Harvard Law School who once watched his talk concert in Korea and recommended the special lecture to the school. Kim Je Dong’s agency said that the special lecture progressed in a friendly atmosphere with about 500 student attending.

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