Monday, April 26, 2010

Koo Hye Sun Confesses ‘I Like Uljjang Title’

Actress Koo Hye Sun appeared on KBS 2TV's “Talk Show Rock” on April 20 and made the confession that she likes her “Uljjang” title, which means "the prettiest girl." She had been chosen as the top five Uljjang stars on the Internet along with other actresses such as Park Han Byul and Nam Sang Mi and gained popularity even before she actually debuted.

She looked back on the past and said, “I think the popularity on the Internet as Uljjang star was the best luck and biggest opportunity for me, so I have never disliked the ‘Uljjang’ title. Frankly speaking, I could appear in broadcasts, commercials, and music videos thanks to the title and could debut as an entertainer. That was the luckiest moment in my life. I like my title of ‘Uljjang’ star.”

Besides her candid statement, she also unveiled the café, which also can be an art gallery, that she decorated by herself. She explained that she usually likes drawings, so she worked on the interior design for the café. Also, her beautiful older sister and her handsome husband briefly appeared on the program for the first time.
Koo Hye Sun had gained huge popularity when she appeared in the drama “Boys Over Flowers” and later she successfully advanced overseas. She said about her plans, “I am planning to appear in a drama around the second half of this year and the role that I will play is going to be similar to the one I had in the previous drama. The character will be like the second Geum Jan Di.”

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