Monday, April 26, 2010

New song featuring Park Jae-beom unveiled

Korean singer Park Jae-beom in a Youtube video posted by Dumbfoundead

A new single by Korean-American hip-hop artist Dumbfoundead featuring Park Jae-beom, Korean singer and former leader of boy band 2PM, has been unveiled.

The new single titled "Clouds" -- featuring the former Korean pop idol and a female singer named Clara Chung -- was revealed Friday (U.S. time) on various web sites including Dumbfoundead's official website ( and his Twitter account, as well as Clara Chung's Youtube channel.

Park had stated on his Youtube channel that the song would be out a day a day late than originally planned over problems the song had encountered in inserting his singing parts into the song, but the single was released online on its original date and is currently available for free downloads on the Internet.

Dumbfoundead is a Los Angeles-based rapper who has released several records under an independent label and recently opened for Korean hip-hop group Epik High's "Map the Soul" tour.

Park, 22, is a Korean-American singer who debuted as a member of boy band 2PM which quickly became one of the most popular K-pop acts in the country.

However, his music career in Korea came to an abrupt end last September when it was revealed that he had written several controversial remarks -- including "I hate Korea" -- on his MySpace pages during his teenage years as a trainee at agency JYP Entertainment (JYPE).

The matter sparked national outrage, particularly among Internet users, leading to Park quitting the band and leaving Korea four days after his comments became public.

He was expected to rejoin the group and make a comeback the local music scene this year, but JYPE announced in February that it had decided to terminate its exclusive contract with the singer due to "a huge wrongdoing" that he had committed in his personal life.

Recently cast as the male lead in the b-boy film "Hype Nation", Park is scheduled to visit Korea around June to shoot the movie.

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