Monday, April 26, 2010

T-MAX Returns to See Their Japanese Fans

Members of the group T-MAX, Kim Joon and Shin Min-cheol, made their return to Japan a year after their "Boys of Flowers" popularity first really started.

They made an appearance at the "Boys over Flowers Last Event : Graduation" which was held on the 25th in Yokohama, Japan. T-MAX was the group behind two very popular songs off the soundtrack to the drama "Boys over Flowers", titled "Paradise" and "Say Yes". They performed both songs at the event, along with "Keep It Open" and "Bang Bang Boom". Their performance was received quite favorably by the 5,000 Japanese fans that showed up.

After T-MAX's performance, Kim Joon came back on stage, this time as an actor, with his fellow castmates of the drama: Lee Min-ho, Goo Hye-seon, and Kim Bum. When the stars of the hit drama were asked, "Who has changed the most from being a pretty boy on the drama?" All the stars picked Kim Joon, saying that after being a pretty "flower" boy, he had transformed into a baseball player.

A few days before the "Boys Over Flowers" event, T-MAX also held a fan club meeting, "My T-MAX Japan" in Tokyo on the 22nd. This was where the fans got to dine with the two members of T-MAX, have some champagne, and even play some games.

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