Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jo Hye-ryeonCan't Stop Trying New Challenges

On KBS-2TV's "Happy Birthday" which aired Monday, comedian Jo Hye-ryeon revealed that she is studying Chinese following her fluency in Japanese. 

C Lee Gyeong-gyu first brought up her new interest in Chinese and Jo said, "It's not that I want to make big in China but it's just my nature. If I don't continue to learn new things, I get lazy."
On her success in Japan, she said she didn't think of the success prospects. She said, "If Japan didn't work out for me, I would've still been okay because at least I mastered Japanese."

When asked to speak some Chinese, she began to introduce herself in Chinese without hesitation. But others on the show were suspicioius, saying, “The fake Chinese MC Lee blurts out sounds more Chinese than what you said," and, "Maybe she just started learning." Then Lee and Lee Su-geun went on improvising a mock Chinese conversation.

In the newly added corner "Best Lovey-Dovey Couple Contest," the coziest couples in Korea were introduced.

Writer : Honorary reporter No Ji-won

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