Monday, May 17, 2010

Moon Geun-young Attached to Her Role in ‘Cinderella’s Stepsister’

“It’s emotionally hard, and it’s getting harder as more episodes run to play Song Eun-jo," said Moon Geun-young, who is playing the lead role in “Cinderella’s Stepsister” of a girl who is hostile toward the world. Moon has become so attached to her role that looking at her performance makes viewers easily sympathize with her.

Moon Geun-young playing Song Eun-jo

Eun-jo is a poor girl who does not know how to love and be loved because she went through an unhappy childhood with her mother living with man after man. As a result, she comes to suppress her feelings and act coldly even towards those she loves and bear all pain alone. “My heart really ached when I performed a scene where Eun-jo tells [Hong Gi-hun] spitefully, ‘I don’t care what you were and how you smiled. That’s not important to me at all. Now you mean nothing to me. Don’t ever call me or smile at me again. If you do so, I’ll kill you,’ and wept when left alone,” Moon said.
Ironically, that is the very reason she chose to take up the part. “I felt like embracing and comforting Eun-jo from the first time I read the script,” she said. “I’m feeling sorry for her more and more as I’m playing her, and that is why it’s getting harder to play.” But she added that it also means she has come to understand Eun-jo better and she feels good about it. “I knew from the beginning that it’s worth it to bear all these difficulties and pain.”
Moon joked about a scene from the 11th episode on May 11 where Eun-jo begged Gi-hun in tears to run away with her from her mother, and Gi-hun did not agree. “I wished he took her to a remote place, even if they came to regret it and blame each other later. I could feel how desperate Eun-jo was. Gi-hun must be stupid,” she said.
When the drama was about to begin, Moon hoped that it would beat other rival shows in viewer ratings. Now that her hope was realized amid the ever growing attention to the show, she has another hope. “I wouldn't ask for more than the ratings exceeding the 30 percent mark,” she said.
“Cinderella’s Stepsister” is enjoying growing popularity with its strong storyline, beautiful cinematography, and remarkable performance of its cast members. 
Writer: KBSi Jin Yeong-ju
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