Monday, May 17, 2010

Sin Perfects Lee's 'Chitty Chitty'

Comedian Sin Bong-seon has remarkably mimicked pop diva Lee Hyori's latest hit "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang."

The Thursday episode of "Happy Together Season 3" on KBS-2TV began with performances by two of the show's MCs, Sin and Park Myeong-su.

Sin, widely known for her comical parodies of singers, performed Chitty Chitty by Lee, one of the guests for this episode. Park meanwhile performed "Love Song" by singer and screen star Rain.

Sin, Park reinact Hyori, Rain

Sin perfected Lee's powerful dance and the unique stage costume including the hairdo, wig and dark eye make-up. Her moves and facial expressions were exactly like Lee Hyori's. Near the end of the performance, her wig came off because she danced so powerfully.  

Park also came out dressed as Rain and rendered his famous six-pack dance. The female guests screamed in horror. 

After watching the performance, Lee was happy with Sin. Regarding Park, Rain said "Everything was fine except for one thing. You didn't need to pull up the shirt."

The other two guests of Happy Together were Goo Hara of the girl group KARA and boy band MBLAQ's Lee Joon.

Writer: Honorary reporter No Ji-won

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