Monday, June 28, 2010

Choi Hwa Jung Keeps Promise Regarding World Cup

Entertainer Choi Hwa Jung, the band Lazybone, and rapper Defconn kept the promises that they had made that they would do something special if the Korean soccer team advanced past the first round at the South Africa World Cup.

Singer Kim Heung Kook said on June 23 that he would shave off his mustache that he had grown for thirty years as he had promised, Choi Hwa Jung wore a light blue bikini on the same day while she was doing opening the comments of her radio program SBS power FM’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time,” and all the members of Lazybone and Defconn went through with shaving their heads.

▲ Choi Hwa Jung recorded her radio program while wearing a bikini.

Choi Hwa Jung had promised that she would wear a bikini during her broadcast, and she actually kept her promise when she began the program, and then she kept recording the program while wearing a short sleeved shirt on which a bikini was printed. Lazybone held a ceremony of shaving their heads at the Mighty Ground office located in Hapjeong-dong in Seoul.

Last month when Lazybone released their digital single album containing the World Cup cheering song “We Are All Champions” featuring Sound of Light Chorus, which consists of blind boys and girls, they had promised that if the Korean soccer team was among the top 16 in the World Cup, they would perform on stage with their heads shaved.

The spokesperson for the agency Mighty Ground said, “When the members of Lazybone filmed the music video of the World Cup cheering song, they talked about the World Cup and happened to come up with the idea of shaving their heads to present a celebration event for people. Actually, one of the members had already shaved his head at home, so the rest of the four members shaved their heads together today.”

Also, rapper Defconn posted a message, saying, “Man's word is as good as a bond. I am keeping my promise that I made with you when I participated in the cheering performance at City Hall. Korean team, go get them,” and he posted a picture of him taken before and after he shaved his head.

▲ All members of Lazybone shaved their heads.

Source: KBS
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