Friday, June 25, 2010

Comedian Yun Made Hyuna Cry

The guest of KBS 2TV's "Happy Birthday" on Monday was the cast of the hit show "Happy Sunday-Qualifications of Men," Kim Tae-won, Lee Yun-seok, Kim Seong-min and Yun Hyeong-bin.

Comedian Yun is best known for his gig on "Gag Concert" where he makes fun of everyone and anyone he can. He talked about how he once made a girl group member break into tears.

Yun said he once made a critical comment to 4minute's Hyuna about how she left her previous group the Wonder Girls. Hyuna had felt sorry to the Wonder Girl members and struggled with the incident, so that Yun's remark made her cry. On Happy Birthday, Yun sincerely apologized to Hyuna. Kim Tae-won and the others scolded Yun for the harsh comment saying, "You always say what you mean in your heart."

Kim said his rather embarrassing nickname of "Korea's grandmother" was also coined by Yun. Once, when Kim was watching Gag Concert in the audience seat, Yun said that rocker Kim looks like his grandmother.

Lee Gyeong-gyu then came to the rescue, "Yun is not really a mean character." Lee Yun-seok also said, "What he says is not what he means. Yun just does it to make people laugh."

But Yun unfailingly criticized the MCs of Happy Birthday saying, "It's high time Lee Gyeong-gyu presents himself with a new nickname, and called him in a Korean acronym meaning a 'very harassing character.'"

Writer: Honorary reporter Kim Min-ha

Source: KBS
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