Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ga-in is "Queen" in Cyworld

Gain from Brown Eyed Girls [SportKorea]

4 member girl group Brown Eyed Girls' Ga-in owns a minihompy (shortened translation) and up till the morning of 26th, her site had been visited almost 35 million times.

Even Korea's Kim Yuna's cyworld had been visited only about 30 million times. When it comes to number of visitors, Ga-in had claimed the title "Queen". Even if comparing with other big stars, she still leads in the front.

The reason for Ga-in's cyworld to have so many visitors:

She has group pictures with movie director Hong Sang-Soo, actor Kim Myeong-Min and other stars. Not only that, but also "Tae Kuk soldier" Ko Seong Yong's father's group picture.

With this, Ga-in had gained a lot of attention.

Source: BEG International Forum
Trans Credits: Ga-in Baidu, LuvGa-in @ BEG International Forum
(Please do not remove any credits when taking out news from theksource.)


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