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[INTERVIEW] Boy band MBLAQ - Part 4

From left, boy band MBLAQ members Mir, Cheon Dung, Seung Ho, G.O. and Joon. [Chae Ki-won/10Asia]

10: Joon, do you know that your fans have nicknamed you 'human beagle'?
Joon: No!

10: Beagles are an energetic and hyperactive breed. (laugh) They named you that because you are good at killing the mood when you go on telelvision.
Joon: Huh? I don't have that kind of image, I'm very quiet.
All: ......
Seung Ho: I just want to say one thing: our house is in order these days even though the maid doesn't come. That's because of me. I'm the one who set up all our instruments and put all your clothes on your bed. But it's you who wipes everything off the bed as soon as you get home!
Joon: Nah, never heard of it.
Seung Ho: But Joon gets lonely very easily so he starts feeling lonely if his room is clean. He says that there has to be no empty spaces to make it look full.
MBLAQ: Hahahaha!
Cheong Dung: It sounds like you're describing a puppy.

10: Joon, it sounds like you're the one who brings disaster to your house. (laugh)
Joon: All I would like to say is that I've told myself that I should let go of myself while living with my band members. That's why I sometimes turn down the opportunity to wash up.
Cheon Dung: But you shouldn't!
Joon: Even when it comes to being tidy, that I should just let go. That I should hold myself back while living with my group. I don't like being messy but I'm holding myself back from expressing it. (laugh)
Seung Ho: But what's really weird is that when we're were trainees, Joon's room was in such perfect order, down to the smallest things in his wardrobe. What happened to you?
G.O.: It's because his mother did it.
Joon: I do [clean up] too! But because I've decided to let go of everything...
Seung Ho: I better draw a line on the floor now.
G.O.: People usually place sports equipments a distance from where people walk around right? But I once kicked a dumbbell he had hidden under a towel.
Mir: Me too. I picked up a towel and how heavy it was.
Cheon Dung: I've bumped into a bench press before.

10: I heard you all just relax when you're at home.
Mir: I just sleep.
Joon: We all like doing our own things...
G.O.: We're already pretty much alone but we try and stay further away from each other (laugh) by going into different rooms.
Seung Ho: That's right. When someone is on the computer in one room, another person will go into another room to make a phonecall.
G.O.: This guy [pointing to Joon] has piled up a partition-like wall with his laundry around his bed, as if he's at the hospital. Completely blocked off! He covers up everything because he likes to sleep soundly.

10: Cheon Dung, how do you feel when you see how your group members act? Are things ever difficult for you being the youngest?
Cheon Dung: People don't care about age differences overseas, everyone is friends, but I saw that that's not the way it works in Korea. It was difficult having to be polite to someone who is even just a year older than me. But I realized that it was a meaningless concept within our group so I've gone back to living like I'm overseas. (laugh)

10: It seems like you guys have so much fun together. Are there any variety shows in particular that you would like to try appearing on together?
G.O.: I just like it when we make viewers laugh rather than wanting to go on a certain show. We spend a lot of time together so we do a lot of meetings in advance too. We're regulars on "Star King" now and people have fun watching when we copy the guests or do something even funnier than them. So we'll come up with plans on what to do on the show while looking at the script.
Mir: We really do so many things to survive on the show.

10: Have you considered singing a more cute and loveable song? It seems like you could pull it off looking at how cheerful you guys are on variety shows.
Mir: Well we did once but it was a bad experience.

10: You're referring to "Good Luv," right?
Joon: It was just a complete disaster.
MBLAQ: Hahahaha.
G.O.: Honestly, I think trying to look loveable isn't a thing for five guys to do altogether at once.
Cheon Dung: Yes... And unless we were 17-years-old...
Seung Ho: Cheerful, maybe, but doing cute is just too much for us.
G.O.: When we all have hair and everything!
Joon: And muscles like this!
Mir: But "Good Luv" is still a song that we wish we had done better with.

10: I think Cheon Dung and Mir might be able to pull it off.
Mir: I too thought I could but once I actually did, the criticism I received...
G.O.: You were good. And at least it's better for the youngest. I had to do it with a moustache...

10: G.O., do you feel happy about having shaved off your moustache?
G.O.: Yes. Before, you couldn't tell whether there hadn't been any changes to my make-up or hair because of the moustache. So I think it's good in that sense.

10: What was it that you liked about your wardrobe or concept for "Y"? Your overly shiny clothes in your music video became talk of the town. (laugh)
Seung Ho: I liked everything about it. But with "Y," I understand that there were various opinions about the music video. There were two backgrounds to it. And with the black background, we thought it was okay because both the singing and dancing are strong so we were trying to lessen that vibe with our clothes but when we danced in fluorescent clothes on a white background... that's what happened. (laugh) I don't know what I should tell my son later on. That your dad used to be like that. (laugh)
Mir: We didn't know it would turn out like that at the time but we were surprised too when we saw it. (laugh)

10: But you ended up winning first place with "Y." How did Rain react to it?
Joon: [He said] You happy? (laugh)

10: What a chic response by the chic producer of a chic group. (laugh) What influence do you think Rain has on you guys?
Seung Ho: He has quite a bit of influence without us even knowing it. All five of us respect him. And me in particular, I had actually had no intentions of becoming a singer. I was a student but I suddenly felt the urge to become a singer so I joined J.Tune when I was 22. So this agency will be the first and last firm that I join. Rain was also the only man that I felt was cool. I sometimes even wondered how he does what he does when I watch him practice. And then I just naturally ended up following his footsteps.
Mir: When I look at Rain, I feel that I want to become a producer like him. But I think a different sort of producer. I want to try help managing an agency rather than set up one myself.

10: Of all the things that Rain has said to you, what has left the strongest impression?
G.O.: This is what I remember the most. "I can help you guys buy a good house and a nice car. But it's up to you guys to make it possible. This is probably the only job in the world that comes with both wealth and glory while being something that you can truly enjoy. So if that isn't enough to make you work hard, then you're stupid."
Joon: Sleep after you die.

10: Haha. That's scary.
Joon: It may sound funny at first but if you think about it, it's very moving. When we feel like we want to die because we're so tired from our busy schedule, those words are what keeps us going.
Mir: I heard that people sleep 20 to 30 years of the average 80 years that they live.
G.O.: That's why these days, I tell myself I'm dying when I go to sleep. (laugh) I'm going to sleep all I want after we really make it big!

Senior Reporter : Kang Myoung-Seok two@
Reporter : Choi Ji-Eun five@
Photographer : Chae ki-won ten@
Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@, Lee Ji-Hye seven@

Source: Asiae
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