Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kang Ta to Donate 170 Million Won Profits From Performance

Singer Kang Ta (real name An Chil Hyun, 31) will make a donation to China amounting to as much as one million yuan (176 million Korean won), which he is expected to earn from a concert in China. His agency SM Entertainment (hereinafter refer to SM) delivered the news on June 25.

According to a spokesperson for SM, Kang Ta held a press conference in China on June 24 and said that he would donate the profits, amounting to one million yuan, from the performance entitled “Kang Ta Asia Tour 2010 in Beijing,” which will be held at Wukesong Indoor Stadium in Beijing on July 24. During the concert, his new songs which are included in his Chinese album will be introduced for the first time.

When he held his first concert in China in 2005, he also used the entire profits from the concert to help students who live in remote mountain villages and who had given up their studies due to poverty. The profits that he will donate will also be contributed to the Chinese government organization dealing with charity work in China, and the contribution will additionally be used for teachers who teach students living in remote mountain village.

In the press conference, Kang Ta said, “This is my charity work to repay Chinese fans’ love towards me that I have received so far. When I served in the military, I performed musical performances 58 times, and at that time, many Chinese fans came to see me, and it was actually very uplifting. The donation is kind of a way to express my appreciation for my fans.”

The representative of the Chinese charity work office delivered appreciation for Kang Ta by saying, “We really thank Kang Ta, who is a very influential person for teenagers, for having interest in charity works. Kang Ta’s concert pursuing public interest will definitely contribute to developing the cultural exchanges between Korea and China.”

Other singers such as Shin Seung Hoon and Super Junior, who are personally close to Kang Ta, will also appear in the concert as guest singers.

Kang Ta had finished his military duty last February and held fan meetings in Korea and Japan, and his activities will be continued in China as he plans to have more concerts in China.

Source: KBS
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