Friday, June 25, 2010

Kangta to hold solo concert in China in July

Korean singer Kangta speaking at the press conference in China for his upcoming concert [SM Entertainment]

Korean singer Kangta will be holding a solo concert in China next month, according to his agency SM Entertainment on Friday.

SM announced in a press release that the singer held a press conference at the Wukesong Gymnasium in China on Thursday regarding the concert on July 24 titled "KANGTA ASIA TOUR 2010 in Beijing" as well as unveiling the tracks for his first-ever Chinese album.

He also revealed his plans on donating one million Yuan to the government based organization that handles charity work to help out children living in the mountains. The donation will be used for educating teachers who will teach the children.

In 2005, he had donated all of the proceeds from his first China concert as school tuition for the children.

"We are grateful that Kangta, who has a big influence on teenagers, is taking an interest in charity work," the representative of the charity organization was quoted as saying. "We believe his concert has contributed in further improving the cultural exchanges between Korea and China."

When asked why his concerts are always for the public good, Kangta answered that it was to repay his fans.

“When I was in the army, I performed in 58 shows for a musical and the Chinese fans came to almost every show. This is my way of expressing my gratitude towards them,” the singer explained.

The upcoming concert will feature guest performances from labelmates Super Junior, veteran singer Shin Seung-hun and other artists close to Kangta.

Kangta, whose real name is Ahn Chil-hyun, made his debut as the lead singer in the now-disbanded boy band H.O.T.

He released several albums after kicking off his solo career in 2001 and recently met with his fans in Asia after finishing his mandatory military service in February.

Korean singer Kangta announces about his upcoming conert at the press conference in China [SM Entertainment]

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