Monday, June 7, 2010

Kim Hyun-joong Fans Share the Love On His Birthday

Fans of Kim Hyun-joong, the leader of popular idol group SS501, united to make a very generous donation in honor of Kim's birthday on June 6th. Rather than spending money on sending Kim a nice birthday present, about 200 fans chose to use that money for a bigger cause: to help those that are more underprivileged. These members of Kim's fan club collected a total of 6,060,000 won under the title of Kim Hyun-joong's birthday fund. This money will be added to the Kim Hyun-joong scholarship fund that they also helped raise last February. It will contribute to various university expenses such as day care centers, admission fees, etc.

This is actually a growing trend in Korea where fans will do good deeds and collect generous sums for charity under the name of their beloved kpop celebrity.

Source: KBS
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