Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sun Ye’s Heartfelt Message On Daum


This is Wonder Girls’ Sunye..^^

Through the love and sympathy of many people I was able to send my father on his last path on this ground with thankful tears..

The reason why I am writing this right now is

Before the immense feeling of thankfulness I’ve felt over the past few days decreases just a little bit

I really wanted to express this feeling of thanks..

I was able to warmly feel with my heart again during this time how happy of a person I am and how much love I am receiving..

The Lord probably knew even the small part of me and didn’t want to give me time to be sad so I think he sent all these people to help me..

Really because of that I was able to not fall down or give up and was able to gain more strength and end it well..

I also thank the press that communicated the news about my father..

Honestly in the beginning I felt a bit burdened but thanks to the press a lot of precious people I have lost contact with, I was able to reunite with

and they came and comforted me as well.. and although I have the job of being a celebrity..

I am really thankful to all the reporters that kept their manners on personal matters until the end..!

And all the fans that always cheer me on

Thank you for coming and comforting me..

I was really moved by your warm hearts..^^

I am sorry that I wasn’t able to attend to each person more..

And more than anything.. there are people that I really want to express my thanks to in public..

From the moment that the news about my father spread until now, our JYPE family that took the most care of me..

It’s been 10 years this year since I have entered JYPE…

Right now..It is not possible for me to not admit that auditioning for JYPE was one of the most thankful things that happened to me during my 22 years..

I don’t know how lucky and thankful I am that I can do what I love in this family-like environment…

I almost feel sorry for having this luck..I am really thankful..

Ever since my father was at Asan hospital, it was where he wanted to be treated..

To my company that helped us hold the funeral there..thank you so much..!!

And changing my schedule in advance in case I worry about it.. and the managers that stayed up all night staying with me..

You really suffered a lot.. And more than anything..my members that I love that flew back as soon as they arrived when they heard the news.. Thank you so much and I love you..^^

I am receiving all this love..

I am just a very small person.. but I am being blessed this much..

I felt a lot through the people that prayed for me.. Even though I can’t show everything in person that I can do

I feel like I’m giving back the best I can by always praying with the lips I was given

Because I’m weak I make mistakes and often fail but I will be strong and work hard through all the strength I’m given through your support and prayers..!

Again, I’m thankful to everyone that worried for me..

And I hope lots of love will be sent to the ‘Korea Respiration Trouble Association’ that my father depended on a lot..

Again, I’m thankful to everyone who helps my father be able to be proud of his daughter from heaven..

I will always pray..Thank you..^^

Source: Wonderfulsworld
Trans Credits: shmesmx3
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