Monday, June 7, 2010

Tablo Responds to Forgery Rumor on Twitter

Tablo posted a message on Twitter stating, "I am sad due to a rumor that I forged my educational background."

He continued, “From the beginning, I think that [the originators of the rumor] did not want to disclose a truth, they just wanted to express their hatred towards me...I am sad about this situation, that this kind of unfair incident can happen to me.”

Epik High’s Tablo (real name Lee Sun Woong, 30), who graduated from Stanford University in the USA, expressed his uncomfortable feelings towards some people who have suggested that Tablo had forged his academic background. He posted his feelings on his Twitter on June 3.

Tablo said, “Due to some people who attack me simply to attract interest, many people including myself, people in my school, other netizens, people working in the broadcasting industry and reporters have verified my academic background several times. The same thing already happened a few years ago, and, at that time, my educational background was completely proven. But, some people still deny every single truth and, what is worse, they are outspoken in criticizing me and my parents. They even made up a fictitious story and sent emails and letters to my family, which obviously made our family’s life difficult.”

He added, “I know that I have to endure all this, but I have thought that it is the attacker who needs to explain these actions. Some people cursed me with words that should not be spoken to me and my family, and demanded an explanation from me. What kind of explanation do I have to give?”

Tablo became a father recently as his wife and actress Kang Hye Jeong has given birth to a baby. He finished his statement by saying, “I just became a father and I am trying my best to live life to the full. I do not want to waste my precious time anymore.”

Tablo had sued a netizen for defamation last April. The netizen posted his claims online that Tablo lied about his academic background and the claim also contained other libel about Tablo’s whole family.

Source: KBS
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