Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Entertainer Jung Ga-eun Admitted Into the Hospital

It appears that the summer heat is getting to some of the stars in Kpop. Entertainer Jung Ga-eun was reportedly admitted into a hospital in Gangnam, Seoul on July 13th.

A source from her entertainment company revealed that she wasn't picking up any of their phone calls in the morning. Worried, they had gone to check up on her at her home. They found her covered in cold sweat and barely able to keep herself up. Her company reps said that this was most likely due to fatigue from her many work projects that take place outdoors.

Jung has been increasing in popularity due to a cable show called "Rollercoaster". She currently even has her own radio show, "Jung Ga-eun's Sweet Musicbox", on a major FM station and hosts another cable TV program.

The comedic beauty will be taking a week off before resuming her normal scheduled activities. However, what's mostly likely a decision triggered by this recent health scare, Jung announced that she will be dropping out of "Rollercoaster" at the end of this month. "Rollercoaster" officials announced that they are currently looking for a female replacement.

Source: KBS
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