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[INTERVIEW] Girl group miss A - Part 2

Girl group missA [Lee Ki-bum/Asia Economic Daily]

Q: What is Fei's strength?
Suzy: There's an elegant air about Fei and she is sexy appearance-wise. There's also a very strong force about her which makes her worthy of being the eldest in the group. But she's also very cute, sings well, and is a very sexy dancer. She's also good at cooking so she always cooks for us.
Fei: I cook Chinese food for them.
Suzy: Sometimes it's food she comes up with but it's all good. She's a very good cook.
Fei: And as for Suzy, she's very cute and although she's the youngest in the group, she never asks to be taken care of but rather takes good care of us. If there's something good to eat, she'll always ask us if we want it.... Eating is most important for us. (laugh)
Min: Whoever gives us food is considered a good person. Whoever feeds us, buys us food equals good person. (laugh)

Q: Who's the funny one? Or the one that lifts up everyone's moods?

Min: I don't know what they're talking about.
Jia: She's talented.
Fei: Very talented. And her facial expressions, her movements, they're all funny. The sound of her laugh is funny too. And she never tries to be funny on purpose either.

Q: Have you ever fought?
Suzy: No, we haven't. At least not yet.

Q: What do you think your strength is as a girl group then? There are so many girl groups nowadays.
Min: We don't have a leader so everyone respects everyone's opinions more and we always discuss everything together before making decisions. We're also very close...
Jia: (Quietly says) Like family, family...
Min: And we've been working so hard for such a long time so I guess I could say we're experienced in our own ways? We're also a multinational group. We all speak Korean, Mandarin, Fei speaks Cantonese, I can speak English. And we're continuing to learn the languages. A variety of cultures exist within our group.

Q: You guys come off as being confident and it makes you seem less of a newcomer. Is it because you guys really are that confident or is it part of your concept?
Jia: It might seem like that because we have experience standing on stage. Fei and I worked in China for about half a year before. And plus, our song is also about confident women.

Q: Is the culture different at broadcasting stations in China versus Korea?
Fei: They're different in how you say hello to each other. In China, you can just wave your hand to everybody and say hi but in Korea, you have to look everyone in the eye and bow to them.

Q: Isn't it hard having to adjust to that?
Jia: It was in the beginning and we're still in the process of adjusting. But we've been trying very hard.

Q: Do you read comments that people post online about you guys? Which comments make you the happiest?
Suzy: That we don't seem like newcomers. And that every one of us is good at singing.
Fei: That we look good as a group.
Suzy: Oh, and when I read comments saying they had been waiting for a group like us. It felt so good. We all huddled around a computer on our way home to read the comments after giving our debut performance.
Jia: Since me and Fei are Chinese, when they say we have good pronunciation. That we seem like Koreans.
Fei: We worked so hard on it because we couldn't pronounce the letter close to 'r' in Korean. So I practiced that one letter for nearly a year.
Jia: We would always repeat everything and ask our other members how certain things are pronounced.

Q: Who's your role model?
Jia: Rihanna. I'm a huge fan. I want to become a great performer like her.
Min: I don't have a set role model but I like Beyonce a lot. She works on her career but also keeps her private life to herself which I respect. And she also runs her own business... I want to learn to cultivate a passion like hers for a different kind of success.
Suzy: I like Beyonce too.
Min: We all like similar artists.

Q: miss A stands for A-class and Asia but don't you feel that you want to go outside Asia too?
Min: We haven't thought about that yet. We've just taken our first step so we want to do a good job with it, then as the second step, reach a certain level in Asia. I think we can think where we want to go after that after that happens.

Q: What is your dream?
Suzy: This year, to win the award for best new artist. Then it would be nice to win a bigger award later on and become recognized throughout Asia. I also hope we always stay modest and not forget the mindset and determination we had when we debuted.
Min: I hope we can stay on good terms and be healthy. Health is most important.

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Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@

Source: Asiae
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