Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kangta Making His First TV Appearance Since His Military Service

Having started off as a member of one of the hottest boy groups in kpop, H.O.T, the now solo artist Kangta is planning on making his return to the kpop industry. He recently completed the filming of a segment called "Kneecap Expert" on the TV show "Golden Fishery". This will be his first TV appearance since he completed his mandatory military service in February of this year.?

A related official said on July 6th, that despite the fact that it's been awhile since Kangta was featured on a variety show like this, he exhibited wit and poise like the veteran entertainer that he is. The episode will be aired on the 7th. The former idol group member?has been laying relatively low in Korea though he has performed in Shanghai, China at the World Expo Korean Music Festival. He's also prepping for his "Kangta Asia Tour 2010 in Beijing" starting on July 24th.

On a related note, Kangta also announced that he was planning on staying with SM Entertainment having already have been signed for 15 years under the entertainment giant. The same giant that many other artists and groups have complained about. He said that the company was fair to him and that they have common interests and goals which is to not only focus on Korea, but to expand overseas.

Source: KBS
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