Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lee Hyo Ri’s Surprising Appearance on Late Night Variety ‘Nocturnal'

Singer Lee Hyo Ri revealed her close relationship with Leessang by saying that she had entered into a contract with Leessang valid permanently, and her utterance attracted viewers’ attention.

On the episode of KBS 2TV’s “Late Night Variety Nocturnal,” which was aired on July 4, Lee Hyo Ri paid a surprise visit to the program due to her close relationship with the MCs. MC Shin Dong Yeop asked about her relationship with Gil, who is a member of Leessang, and she said, “Since I appeared in their music video without payment, we have kept a close relationship, and sometimes I even let them drive my car.” Her answer caused laughter on the set.

△ Lee Hyo Ri disclosed close relationship with Gil

After listening to her answer, Gil agreed and said, “Actually she is the person whom I am serving and Leessang concluded the permanent agreement with her, as she said.” He confirmed the close relationship with her. During the program, Lee Hyo Ri also disclosed a special episode with MC Shin Dong Yeop. Shin said that he is a kind of "a savior" for Lee Hyo Ri, and she agreed with his remark and explained the reason. She said, “I owe him a debt of gratitude. When I debuted as an MC, we worked together.” She started to say, while thinking of the past when she worked with Shin Dong Yeop, that she had felt bad when Shin said to the production staff members, “She seems to have no talent” after the first episode of their program aired.

△ Lee Hyo Ri gave a witty answer for Gil’s comment

Then, Shin dong Yeop was abashed and abruptly explained the reason why he had said like that by saying, “I asked for her telephone number, but she did not give me her number.” Gil, who was listening to their story, proudly said that Shin Dong Yeop sent a text message to Gil after Gil’s first appearance, saying, “You look like you have great potential; you will be able to achieve something big within a few years.” Lee Hyo Ri said a witty comment in response to Gil’s boast by saying, “Shin might lose his senses.” Shin Dong Yeop was humiliated by Lee Hyo Ri’s witty comment.

On this episode of the program “Late Night Variety Nocturnal,” cast members paid a sudden visit to Korea University’s festival and publicized their unexpected meeting at a late night for doing good activities. As for the mission of the unexpected meeting for the day, they spent meaningful time decorating the center for children in the middle of the night.

Writer: Contributing Reporter Roh Ji Won

Source: KBS
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