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[REVIEW] Variety show "Haha Mong Show" - Premiere episode

Just who is the current target audience for "Haha Mong Show"?

Hosts MC Mong and Haha (front) of variety show "Haha Mong Show" [SBS]

"Haha Mong Show" - First episode (SBS TV, Sunday 10:45 AM)

The first main guest [Korean singer Lee Hyori] on the premiere episode of "Haha Mong Show" is caught up in a plagiarism controversy while one of the show's emcees is being suspected of shirking Korea's mandatory military duties. "Haha Mong Show," which premiered on the small screen two months after its pilot broadcast, kicked off in the midst of unfavorable events surrounding the show. But apart from such external circumstances, the bigger problem lies in the "Haha Mong Show" itself and how the show was a mess overall. Hosts Haha and Mong, whose unique and best strengths are their sparkling, freewheeling or 'crazy weird' attitudes on television, were unable to find their direction in the show's new format. The show's panel -- including Kang Ji-sub, Jung Sia, Gil and Kim Na-young -- also failed to play an active part in the program.

The quiz segment in the show, where people have to answer questions relating to guest Lee Hyori, only re-used Lee's image that had already been consumed many times in other variety programs. Plus, shooting a show outside the studio when it is closer to a talk show format than a game show only made it look more scattered. Lee displayed her forte and poured out honest, over-the-top comments, telling people that her "favorite outfit is wearing nothing" and how she dealt with an urgent physiological phenomenon when she went hiking on the mountains. But the talking did not make it past the superficial level as it was merely an excuse to set up the conversation and the drama to make a music video. With its sloppy raps and by trying too hard to fit into a format, the 'hangover music video,' which featured a fancy cast that included Kim Je-dong, Eun Ji-won, Daesung and Gu hara, only ended up messing up the talk and ran much too long during the show.

During the boring journey that led to the final completion of music video "Hyori's Swamp," Lee Hyori -- who puts her best into whatever situation she is in -- confirmed to viewers why she is the most suited star for variety shows. Of course, the trial and error of the first episode can be a steppingstone for the future. But compared to the pilot broadcast, which claimed that it would be "a show for the young generation" and revealed its distinct colors, the current "Haha Mong Show" seems to have no target audience nor color.

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