Monday, July 26, 2010

Simon D Broke Up With His Girlfriend Due To Kiss

In the episode of KBS 2TV “Happy Together” that was aired on July 22, Sohn Dam Bi, Gahee and Lizzy (from the group After school), Jung Yong Hwa, and Simon D (from Supreme Team) appeared as the guest members.

During the program, Simon D talked about his enthusiastic ex-girlfriend whom he had met by having a blind date, and his story caught viewers’ attention.

Simon D revealed the fact that he had broken up with his girlfriend because of a kiss during an answering quiz about guest members, so his disclosure aroused viewers’ curiosity. He explained the situation. He said that he had had a blind date for the first time when he was a freshman in high school, and his counterpart had been very enthusiastic. She had requested the matchmaker to leave the place and then she had moved to the seat right next to Simon D and asked him to have a date while holding his hand, so her sudden behavior had made Simon D surprised. He had been shocked by her enthusiastic behavior on their first date, but as he also liked her, he had agreed to her suggestion and they went out together.

Two were students at that time, so they had finished their date earlier in evening and he had walked her to the subway station near her house. They had been sitting on a bench, as he did not want to let her go home early, but suddenly she had pushed him inside a photo taking machine. His story aroused more curiosity, and then he finally revealed that he had had his first kiss in that manner, and it was a very shocking but refreshing experience. His comment produced laughter among the audience members.

Following their date, he met her every day for six days. He said, “The same situation was repeated for six days, so suddenly I had become afraid of her. I could be completely dominated by her.” What he said created laughter on the set.

In addition, Simon D revealed that there is only one person whom he likes among the people on the set, so MC members asked him consistently to disclose who she was, and he revealed that it was Park Mi Sun.

Also, he talked to his girlfriend Lady Jane by recording a video message saying, “You are the best.” He added that his ideal woman is Lady Jane.

Writer: Contributing Reporter Kim Min Ha

Source: KBS
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