Friday, August 6, 2010

Actor Go Ju Won Steals Heart of Hara, Jooyeon

Actor Go Ju-won stole the hearts of girl band After School's Jooyeon and KARA's Goo Hara on the KBS-2TV farming reality show "Invincible Youth" which aired Friday.

The show's all-female G7 cast were excited by the handsome male guest and did not hesitate to express it.

In a quiz game, Go could choose the girl group member whom he wanted to work with or who was closest to his ideal type.

He teamed up with Goo, Jooyeon, Narsha of the Brown Eyed Girls and Hyomin for the task of digging up potatoes.

Go picks Goo Hara for team member

Go gives his heart to Jooyeon

Narsha suggested that Go should be able to choose the girl with whom he would like to work alongside in the potato field. Go sat next to Goo Hara, inviting the envy of the other girls.

Jealous, Jooyeon pretended to fall down while carrying a heavy load but Goo, enraged by her act, shielded off her man.

Go said he was having fun and Goo asked him to come out every week. Go replied, "I will if you are here every week."

But the actor surprised everyone when he chose Jooyeon as the member he liked the most at the end of the show. Goo Hara was disheartened.

Go elaborated, "Narsha is a friend of the same age, Goo is like a younger sister from the same hometown, Gwangju, and Jooyeon is a woman to me."

Goo, angry at his choice, said, "We'll have a different guest next week."

In a preview of next week's episode, the boy band MBLAQ members excited the girls.

Writer: Honorary reporter No Ji-won

Source: KBS
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