Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Drunk Gain Rings up 'Hubby' Jo Kwon

Gain from the girl group Brown Eyed Girls says she calls up boy band 2AM's Jo Kwon, whom she is "married" to on a reality TV show, when intoxicated. Appearing on the KBS-2TV "Happy Birth Day," a program promoting childbirth, on Monday, she said she would call her younger "hubby" and act cute.

Gain: I ring Kwon when I'm drinking.

MC Lee Gyeong-gyu asked if the reality marriage felt real and the singer said, "We shoot the program as close as possible to being a married couple so I came to feel that dating is childish and marriage is true love." But the middle-aged Lee responded, "Dating is so much better."

Gain went on, "I'm not good at expressing my feelings to Kwon while other 'wives' on the reality show 'We Got Married' are very friendly to their husbands. I'm not stiff in real life but I'm just embarrassed on TV. So I appear to be cold to Kwon. But after having a couple of drinks, I gain the confidence to call him up."

She also spoke about the behind-the-scenes story of her debut and singing career, "I began preparing to become a singer from my high school sophomore year. But mom strongly opposed it, so I brought my uncle when I signed the contract. Now, mom takes care of all my income and she prefers me doing event performances over TV schedules because they are better paid."

The three other guests on the show, actors Byeon Wu-min and Choi Jun-yong and actress Yu Hye-jeong, also talked about their married lives and child-raising experiences.

Writer: Honorary reporter No Ji-won

Source: KBS
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