Monday, October 11, 2010

Actress Eats Fruit to Look Younger in Drama

Singer and actress Park Jeong-ah says she feels burdened about acting opposite actors younger than her.

Park plays an anchor in the new KBS daily drama "Smile, Donghae." On "Happy Together Season 3" on KBS 2TV on Thursday, she said she forms a love triangle with actors Ji Chang-wuk and Lee Jang-wu, who are both 5 to 6 years her junior.

In the drama, their characters are of the same age and Park worries her wrinkles will show. She said she is eating fruit these days to look younger.

MC Park Mi-seon said she should have enjoyed fruit much earlier and MC Sin Bong-seon said younger and older women have starkly different skin tones.

Park was utterly depressed when the MCs reminded her of the resolution of high definition TV.

MC Park Myeong-su chimed in and proposed a wacky idea, "Try to make the opposite actor look old. Annoy them in any way to make them distressed."

Writer: TV Report

Source: KBS
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