Friday, March 12, 2010

2NE1 self-choreographed for "Try to Follow Me" music video

The powerful girl group 2NE1's HD "Try to Follow Me" MV has been released.

For 2NE1's new song "Try to follow me" they have revealed another powerful, shocking new MV.

The hip hop song was used for an advertisement in which they appeared in and has an African rhythm that makes your body shake! The song was able to hit number one on various music charts without being even performed live once, and is an example of 2NE1's great popularity.

The MV was produced by the same producer as 2NE1's debut song Fire. The MV displays their various charms and has an African-style dance. It shows that 2NE1 isn't just another girl group that you can simply blow off, with their powerful expressions and overflowing charisma, and of course 2NE1's unique fun accessories and clothing.

In the "Try to Follow Me" MV, another interesting point is that the 2NE1 members, for the first time, made the choreography by themselves.

The 2NE1 members said "For one week, we stayed up late at night to practise. It was a bit tough but since it's the first time doing the choreography ourselves, we put more love into it"

Another interesting event is that this MV is up for download in HD. Since it is now the era of HDtv, YG strived to make it so that watching the MV through HD with clear quality would be more enjoyable.

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Watch "Try To Follow Me" HD MV below:

Youtube credit: ilab2ne1
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