Friday, March 12, 2010

CNBlue’s Plagiarism Case Goes to Court

A lawsuit accusing new idol band CNBlue of plagiarizing is going to court. Indie band Ynot has accused the composers of CNBlue’s hit “I’m a Loner” of plagiarism and filed a damage compensation suit. The composers, known only as Mr. Kim and Mr. Lee, are accused of taking Ynot’s “Bluebird” without the band’s consent. The lawyers for Ynot have filed a lawsuit in Seoul, demanding 50 million won (about 45,000 dollars) in compensation.

However, the accused composers argue that “I’m a Loner” and “Bluebird” are similar in only one bar, and are totally different in the chord and intro part. They claim that no song would be safe from the allegations of plagiarism if such strict standards are applied to determine whether one song copied another.
Source: KBS
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