Monday, March 29, 2010

Homecoming WG "recording for new album"

'Tell Me', "So Hot', 'Nobody', thereon to sizzle again.

WONDERGIRLS is preparing a full-fledged comeback.
On March 29 WONDERGIRLS's management agency said WONDERGIRLS has returned to Korea on the 26th for the recording of their new album. Upon finishing the MV filming & recording, they will return to America next month.

This time, WONDERGIRLS will simultaneously release a new single in Korea, America, China & other countries. Moreover, the new song is composed by Park Yin-young.

After releasing the new single, WONDERGIRLS will return to the Korean stage during the month of May. Concurrently, they will tour North America & Asia for performances. But in advance, they will first meet up with their domestic fans, so as to compensate for their long absence from the stage.
After adding new member Lim, WONDERGIRLS has overhauled their music style. All the fans said they are looking forward to what this change entails.

Source: SPN,WGCN
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wg supporter said...

Finally they are back.
So looking forward to it!

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