Monday, March 29, 2010

Photos of Gahee saluting in army attire are revealed!

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After School, Gahee Saluting.

On 26 March, After School's leader, Gahee uploaded photos of herself saluting in army attire on her cyworld.
The attire is the one she wore during their 3rd single ablum “Bang!”, showing her courageous side of military style.

Netizens who saw the photos, commented: "Gahee is ready to enter the armed forces." "Her saluting posture made me want to salute too!" "Her courageous side of military style is so sexy."

Moreover, After school recently also gained much popularity with their new hits "Let's Do It" and "Bang!".

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Arsene Grand said...

that is one cool outfit,i might try to check out one of those in these online shop together with those patterned leggings.

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