Sunday, March 21, 2010

JoKwon-Gain's Secret Password: 'Eye Line'

JoKwon-Gain Couple became the center of hot issues again.

On the episode of MBC's 'We Got Married' (a.k.a. WGM) that aired the 20th, JoKwon had come home first and were looking around the house.

At that moment, Gain had arrived and pressed the doorbell. JoKwon proceeded to yell, "Tell me the password" on the intercom. At this, Gain put her heavily eyelined eye at the intercom, rather than say a password of their own language like a typical couple would. Like doing an eye recognition in movies, JoKwon accepted that the person was Gain and opened the door, causing the viewers' stomachs hurt in laughter.

Also, the two exchanged the couple rings they had made. JoKwon's ring was rejected by Gain, whileas Gain's ring didn't fit on JoKwon's hand. Gain criticized JoKwon's ring, saying, "It looks like you put silver foil around it," and "Even the Gollum would hate this ring".

In the interview, however, JoKwon said, "I am going to give her a ring," adding, "I'm preparing something," showing that he was preparing some event for Gain.

Source: TodayKorea
Trans Credits: JinaStar@2ONEDAY.COM
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