Sunday, March 21, 2010

T-ara grabs Inkigayo Take 7 Mutizen.

After winning their first award for their bonus single at Mnet's M!Countdown, T-ara wins their second one in SBS Inkigayo TAKE 7. It was a surprise win as they stole Kara's opportunity to grab their own Triple Crown award.

Soyeon took the opportunity to thank their fans for supporting them and the crew working hard for T-ara.

The girls were up against strong contenders Kara who was up for their triple crown award, BEAST for Shock, Epik High for Run, Outsider for Acquaintance, 4men for Can’t Do and Min Kyung Hoon for It Hurts Because It’s Love. Due to a recent mistake by KBS' 2tv's Music Bank, T-ara's fans were angered and agitated by this which caused a commotion on the net. KBS immediately said sorry to fans and viewers for such confusion and they promise to not do it again.

Source: Nate, Newsen, DIADEM
Trans Credits: *YANiPOPO*@tiaradiadem
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