Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lee Si-young from 'Becoming a Billionaire' Reveals Her Overweight Picture

This picture of an overweight Lee Si-young, who appears on the KBS 2 drama “Becoming a Billionaire,” was revealed to the public.

Bu Tae-hee's (Lee Si-young) overweight figure was revealed in the third episode of the drama

In the third episode of the drama "Becoming a Billionaire," which was broadcast on March 8, the past of Bu Tae-hee, who is a femme fatale as well as a wealthy heiress, was revealed. Bu, who is currently living an opulent lifestyle and boasting a sleek figure, was once obese due to bad eating habits during her school days. She lost weight owing to her great efforts, but she is still anxious about her weight.

The overweight picture of Bu Tae-hee is actually a composite photograph made by the production team. Lee Si-young is said to have strongly insisted on using a composite picture instead of using a body double in order to enhance the reality of the drama.

The production team said, “We eagerly look forward to her acting performance due to her passion for acting."

Becoming a Billionaire, which was well received by viewers for its comic and dynamic plot line, is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 9:55 p.m. on KBS2 TV.

Writer: KBSi Jin Young-ju
Resource: 3HW Com

Source: KBS
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