Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yang Hyun-suk and Lee Eun-ju Dating for Nine Years

YG Entertainment representative Yang Hyun-suk revealed that he has been dating Lee Eun-ju, a former member of the girl group “Swi. T.” He wrote on his web site, “My girlfriend’s name is Lee Eun-ju, and she is a former member of the group Swi. T. We have been dating in secret for nine years and our age difference is 12 years.”

Yang added, “I have always thought that my girlfriend is the most beautiful woman in the world for the past nine years. We might be a perfect match. I don’t have any wedding plans for this year, but I recently decided that I will live together with her forever.” In addition, Yang wrote, “Today is her birthday. I hope my confession will be a little present for her, and I am sorry in that I made her uncomfortable for the last nine years."

Yang is said to have chosen to marry Lee, who lost her mother due to cirrhosis after her father died from pancreatic cancer in 2006.

Source: Asiae
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