Thursday, March 25, 2010

Untouchable Member’s Video Exposed

TS Entertainment representing hip hop duo Untouchable has officially admitted that it is D.Action that appeared on a sexually explicit video released on the internet. Untouchable is comprised of two hip hop artists, D.Action and Sleepy. The controversial recording was shot with D.Action’s girlfriend before the duo’s debut. Untouchable’s agency reported that D.Action is deeply regretful about this incident and said that it is the fault of the agency that the extremely sensitive video was leaked out.

The recording was first posted on a P2P site in March 2009. It was shot by a mobile phone before D.Action’s debut, but someone apparently hacked into his phone and spread it on the internet. The agency had reported the hacking to the police cyber crime unit and the distributor of the video was apprehended last October. The whole affair took place in private out of the agency’s concern over how negatively it would affect the activities of the new hip hop artists. But the matter was exposed to the public recently, when some who saw the video claimed that the man in the video was actually D.Action.

Source: Asiae
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