Monday, April 19, 2010

2PM's New Song "Don't Stop Can't Stop" Released Online

Today, April 19th, is a big day for 2PM fans! It marks the official online release of their new single "Don't Stop Can't Stop". After giving a little preview of the song through pictures on the 14th, and a video clip on the 16th, there has been a lot of hype and anticipation for the full release. The offline release date will be on the 22nd.

After churning out hit after hit, such as "10 Out of 10", "Again & Again", and "Heartbeat", fans are looking forward to what kind of new look and theme the boys of 2PM will make a comeback with. Judging from their track record, the boys haven't let their fans down with fresh and experimental concepts and acrobatic moves on stage.

So far, we have a skeleton to work with from the teaser picture and video. The teaser photo showed the boys walking down a small side road on a chilly, lonely-looking night. Black seems to be the trend for male idol groups as well judging from their all-black attire. The teaser video showed a pair of hands playing the piano in the rain. Another image of the six members getting hit by the rain was also shown.

Source: KBS
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