Monday, May 31, 2010

Boa Continues to Heat Up the Billboard Hot Dance/Club Play Song Charts

The famous Billboard Music Charts in the US has a Korean singer among the many other talented artists that has been leaving her mark week after week. Singer Boa was within the top fifty for the Hot Dance/Club Play Song Charts for the week of the 22nd for her song "Energetic". She was right at number fifty, making this her 12th straight week that she has maintained a spot in the top fifty.

She first entered entered the rankings during for the week of March 13th at number 40, climbed to her highest ranking so far, at 17th place for the week of April 24th.

This isn't her first time on the reputable charts. She also made it in 2008 for her digital single "Eat You Up", claiming her spot within ?the top fifty for 14 consecutive weeks. She was also the first Korean artist to have made it into the Billboard Top 200 -- 127th place to be exact -- for her US album "BoA" in March 2009.

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Source: KBS
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