Wednesday, June 2, 2010

BEAST's Yang Yoseob, is he really a pet-idol? Fans surprised by chocolate abs

[Newsen Lee UhnHyuk Reporter]

The ‘pet-idol’ group BEAST’s Yang Yoseob had revealed his hidden chocolate abs.

One of the Cube Entertainment’s employee posted up a picture on his cyworld with the title ‘Whose abs are these?’ on the 28th of May.

The employee also commented under the picture “Our kids our getting a better body these days. Who is that? Whose abs is those? Who? Who?”, attracting attention from the fans. After on June 1st, he revealed that Yang Yoseob was the actual guy in the image.

In addition the manager also revealed Yang Yoseob’s arm muscles with the image of Yang Yoseob as well. Until now Yang Yoseob had kept up the cute image and was referred to as the ‘pet-idol’. However now, even the fans are currently shocked by Yang Yoseob’s abs.

Fans stated, “I’m pleased with this. Don’t work out more than this”, “His face is a baby, but this body is a man”, “It becomes hard on Noona when you turn hot like this”, and “I need to exercise too.”

Meanwhile, BEAST went into their sweet 1 night and 2 day trip with the fans. BEAST will enjoy a short break and then plans on making up the concepts for the next album.

Source: Newsens
Trans Credits: aoistars@B2ST Rising
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