Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kara's Park Gyuri "My age is in 20's, eligible voters... Be sure to vote"

Election PR ambassador Kara's Leader Park Gyuri had a connection(phone-call) with MBC's aired program 'Son SeokHui's Focus' where they talked about elections on 2 May.

This is the first time idol appeared on Popular Current Affairs Program 'Son SeokHui's Focus(on the spot)'

After the phone-call Park Gyuri posted on twitter "I just had a phone-call talking about voting related on 'Son SeokHui's Focus'. People(20's) who's eligible to vote, I think It's really important to vote so that you can express the value. Do not waste this opportunity and be sure to participate enjoyably in the voting."

Furthermore Gyuri posted "Actually after I heard that it was first idol phone-call.. What should I say.. I trembled a little bit.. Responsibility.. Responsibility.."

Meanwhile, Kara has already voted on last 27 May.

Source: Newsen
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