Friday, June 4, 2010

Lovers Finally Have Dream-Like Date in ‘Cinderella’s Stepsister’

Two protagonists in the KBS2 drama “Cinderella’s Stepsister” have finally reconciled eight years after they became estranged and finally had a happy time of their own.

In the June 2 episode, Song Eun-jo (Moon Geun-young) and Hong Gi-hun (Chun Jung-myung) confirm that they still love each other and take a trip in a car without setting a destination. Gi-hun suggests that they think of 10 minutes as one year and spend 80 minutes thinking only about themselves to make up for the lost eight years.

The two pretend to return to eight years ago when they met for the first time as a tutor and a student. They do not have to worry about parting, hurting each other and facing reality.

△ Scenes where they take a trip together

As the clock ticks, Eun-jo enters university and makes Gi-hun jealous when one of her seniors shows interest in her. He stops her from going abroad to study and proposes to her.

The 80 minutes is up, and it is time for them to return to grim reality, as Eun-jo says in a monologue, “Our fairy tale has ended.”

Gi-hun makes a deal with his brother for Eun-jo’s company. He tells his brother he will not report illicit wheeling-and-dealing in the family business to the police if he gives up taking over Eun-jo’s company. But a staffer of the family’s company, feeling guilty about keeping silent, spills the beans, and his father and brother are arrested.

△ Scenes where they kiss in tears

Hearing about it, Eun-jo goes to see Gi-hun to comfort him, who is overwhelmed with guilt about the incident. She holds him warmly and says, “When my stepfather told me that I could count on him, I was happy to know that I have someone to turn to at any time, even if I didn’t say so to him right then. You can count on me now. I will be with you.” And embracing each other in tears, they kiss.

“Cinderella’s Stepsister,” which became a hit, aired its last episode on June 3.

Writer: Roh Ji-won

Source: KBS
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